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We are a non-profit institution that has been operating since 2013 in the region of the old Jardim Gramacho landfill, which was the largest landfill in Latin America and was deactivated in 2012. With the end of the landfill, a pocket of misery was created, as The collectors and their families who earned their income from the landfill no longer had anything to support themselves.

Given this scenario, our proposal is to bring education, professionalization and permanent actions to combat hunger. We work every day offering meals to more than 300 children, sports, art and culture classes, tutoring, as well as technical course proposals. All with the aim of bringing empowerment through education and nutrition.

Our NGO does not receive government aid nor does it have political associations. We survive exclusively through donations from people who want to impact the lives of the most vulnerable. 

It all started in 2013, as soon as the Jardim Gramacho Landfill, which was the largest in Latin America, closed. With the closure, people who made their living from recycling - who already lived in unsanitary conditions - were left unable to survive and a large pocket of misery was created.


Outraged by the extremely vulnerable situation, our founder, together with other volunteers, began visiting the community carrying books and food in her backpack. It was the beginning of what would become the basis of his work: food and education. 

 Over the months and years, the work gained strength and engagement and turned into a solid school that operates six times a week for 300 children.


Adriana Blakeney

Project coordinator


jean pierre

School reinforcement teacher 

For 8 years, he was a child at the institution


Miriam Jander



Therezinha Felix

Kitchen assistant

start of thegramachinhos project

Project Founder -  Julia blakeney   


    Graduated in Law from Universidade Federal Fluminense  - UFF  

Postgraduate in Administrative Law from Cândido Mendes University - UCAM,  Clinical Psychoanalyst from the Brazilian Institute of Clinical Psychoanalysis - IBPC, Author of two children's books. 

Graduated in Bachelor of Psychology, has 10 years of experience in social work, is completely passionate about transforming lives and changing the world through social projects.

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