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what we do?

300 meals daily

We are fighting head-on in the fight against hunger. We prepare and serve 300 meals daily at our institution, which for many children represents their only meal of the day. All food offered is the result of donations, so we really need help to continue our charitable work.


Full-time classes

Education is the hope for a better future.  We offer classes every day (morning and afternoon). Teaching with an emphasis on: literacy, mathematics, English and human values.


community library

Our community library is supported by donations of books in the children's and youth categories.  Children are encouraged to read a book a week and submit a summary of the work read to the teacher, receiving a reward for this in our points system. The goal is for reading, writing, and the development of critical thinking to be a reality in the lives of our children.

art classes

In art classes, our little ones learn to develop their talents in painting, sculpture, drawing, music, dance and everything through which we can express our feelings and thoughts. 

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Gymnastics and circus activities

We offer sports classes with an emphasis on gymnastics and circus 3 times a week. The objective is to develop motor skills, strength, physical resistance, as well as values such as discipline and teamwork. Promoting socialization and building solid self-esteem have been other positive points of including sport in our routine.

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Health is everyone's right. Our health efforts are organized monthly with volunteer professionals from all specialties, focusing on prevention and basic care. We also promote the referral of the most serious cases to specialized professionals.


We understand that "teaching how to fish" is extremely important.  Therefore, we are always committed to offering technical and professional courses to our beneficiaries, guaranteeing entry into the job market. Since 2016, 18 different courses have been offered, with more than 60 lives transformed! 

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nutritional monitoring

The Human Rights Project As Populations Invisibilized, from UFRJ, is a beautiful partnership whose central objective is to present the people of Jardim Gramacho with a constitutional right: to eat! Yes, adequate, healthy, fair and sustainable food is a right for all human beings.

We therefore seek, through educational and interactive actions, such as playful games, debates, conversation circles and culinary workshops, to value the exchange of knowledge and thus promote citizenship.


We understand that gatherings promote culture, leisure and mental health, so we ensure that our beneficiaries have maximum access to socialization and festivities, such as: Easter, Festa Junina, Children's Day, Christmas, among others.  These get-togethers are open to visitors, who tend to be good with children. 

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